Tornado Foosball Tables

Tornado is a top name in foosball around the world for a reason. They have been the world-leader in tournament quality foosball tables since 1982. They originally built commercial-grade, coin-operated foosball tables for arcades and bars, but they quickly moved on from that to build high-end tournament quality foosball tables directly for consumers.

Model Tornado Sport Tornado Classic Tornado Elite Tornado Tournament 3000
Review 4.3 4.5 4.4 4.7
Price $$ $$$ $$$ $$$$
Material MDF MDF MDF Stainless Steel
Weight 205 lbs 225 lbs 225 lbs 355 lbs
Counterbalanced Men No Yes Yes Yes
Split Bearings No Yes Yes Yes
Side Ball Returns No Yes Yes Yes

Choosing the right table

When looking at the resale value of Tornado tables, its is very obvious that they are the gold standard in foosball. These tables hold their value extremely well and are highly collectible. Tornado has a reputation of building world-class tables with the highest standards in quality and durability. Not only do they build world-class tables, but Tornado has sold more foosball than any other manufacturer in North America bar none.

While they definitely aren't the cheapest tables around, Tornado tables are a wise investment and will be able to provide a premium playing experience for generations to come. Tornado is the high-end brand of brands when it comes to foosball tables.