Foosball Table Reviews

  • Hathaway Primo

    Hathaway Primo Review

    The Primo from Hathaway delivers on value with dual side ball returns, cup holders, and a stylish fit and finish.

  • Kick Elite

    Kick Elite Review

    At half the price of other Foosball tables, the Kick Elite is easy to transport and great for casual players.

  • Tornado Sport

    Tornado Sport Review

    The Tornado Sport is a high-quality mid-tier foosball table for those looking for a long-lasting recreational table.

  • Tornado Classic

    Tornado Classic Review

    The Tornado Classic introduces a refreshingly modern design on top of rock solid construction.

  • Tornado Tournament 3000

    Tornado Tournament 3000 Review

    The premium high-end table for home use. It is ITSF-certified meaning that it can be used for tournament level play and it brings you all of the commercial-grade features of the famous Tornado Platinum Tour Edition table, except the coin system.

  • Tornado Elite

    Tornado Elite Review

    A high-end table from Tornado that is the top-of-the-line table intended for home use.

  • Playcraft Sport

    Playcraft Sport Review

    Playcraft Sport's Foosball Table is a very affordable, fun table to get beginners interested.

  • Atomic Pro Force

    Atomic Pro Force Review

    High Quality Soccer Table with Excellent Playability and Durability

  • Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

    Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table Review

    Exclusive eye-catching graphics and quality construction make this affordable Hathaway table play as well as tables costing much more.

  • Kick Triumph

    Kick Triumph Review

    The Kick Triumph 55" Foosball Table was designed for the serious Foosball enthusiast who also enjoy relaxing during play.

  • Fat Cat Tirade

    Fat Cat Tirade Review

    The Tirade Foosball, by Great Lake Darts, table brings foosball home with an innovative new wave table design.

  • Carrom 750 Burr Oak

    Carrom 750 Burr Oak Review

    The Burr Oak Foosball Table combines a classic and stylish look with the latest and greatest features for maximum game enjoyment.

  • Carrom 525 Signature

    Carrom 525 Signature Review

    The Signature Foosball Table is jam packed with all the top features and will look great in your game room or home.

  • Carrom 530 Signature

    Carrom 530 Signature Review

    The Signature Foosball Table is jam packed with all the top features and will look great in your game room or home.

  • Sportcraft 48-Inch Playmaker

    Sportcraft 48-Inch Playmaker Review

    The Playmaker foosball table from Sportcraft is designed for young players looking to develop their skills or for those with space constraints.

  • Harvard G01888W Mid Fielder

    Harvard G01888W Mid Fielder Review

    Mid-Fielder 46 L x 26 34 W Laminated MDF Playbed features 15 Aprons, and 5?8 Solid Steel Rod for Added Strength